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Elevating Beauty Health & Happiness Beyond Surgery

SY Aesthetics is a leading provider of comprehensive services to enhance health, happiness, and beauty. With a team of highly skilled professionals and two state-of-the-art facilities, we offer a wide range of services, including cosmetic and plastic surgery, cosmetic procedures, skincare, nutritional medicine, lifestyle medicine, and personal growth programs.

Serving New York City and the Hudson Valley

#1: New York City

130 Fort Washington Avenue
New York, NY 10032

#2: Hudson Valley

14 Jason Place, Suite 201
Middletown, NY 10940

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Meet the Renowned Doctors Behind SY Aesthetics

Dr. Jingduan Yang

President and Founder of the American Institute for Clinical Acupuncture, founder of the Yang Institute of Integrative Medicine, and CEO of Northern Medical Center and SY Aesthetics, Dr. Jingduan Yang specializes in psychiatry, integrative medicine, and is a fifth-generation teacher and practitioner of Chinese medicine, specializing in acupuncture. He is an expert on classic forms of Chinese medicine, and uniquely incorporates acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, neuro-emotional technique, nutritional and dietary consultation, psychotherapy, and medication management for the care of patients with a variety of emotional and physical illnesses, including chronic pain, stress, and anxiety. 

Dr. Jingduan | Yang SY Aesthetics
Dr. Jeffrey Yager | Yang SY Aesthetics

Dr. Jeffrey Yager

Dr. Jeffrey S. Yager is a board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon specializing in face, body, and breast procedures, medical director of SY Aesthetics, and the founder of Yager Esthetics, where he is known as the “Latina Beauty Expert” for his unique practice serving the Hispanic community in New York City since 1997. An exceptional surgeon, Dr. Yager has been recognized for his industry-leading outcomes in helping women achieve the bodies they have always wanted, as well as to regain the figures they enjoyed before childbirth. 

Plastic Surgery & Non-surgical Facial Procedures

As the most visible part of you, the face is quite often the first impression that you make on the world. At SYA, we evaluate your face across the parameters of anatomy, biochemistry, Energy and Spirit. Our Plastic Surgeons can advise you on the surgical options for addressing aging changes, as well as correcting any disharmony of proportion.

A NeuroEnergetic evaluation will be completed to assess underlying motivations and conflicts which can affect health and happiness. A careful skin analysis, utilizing our state-of-the-art technology as well as Advanced Nutrient Assessment, can offer you solutions for beauty from the inside out, including proprietary products and non-surgical treatments.

SY Aesthetics Plastic Surgery & Non-Surgical Facial Procedures

Surgical Services

Non-Surgical Services

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Plastic Surgery & Non-surgical Body Treatments

The body is one of the most complex areas that we treat. Factors such as weight, changes in weight, pregnancies, surgeries, hormonal imbalances, metabolic conditions, prior trauma (both physical and psychological), anatomic differences, nutritional deficiencies, cultural norms, and illness all play a role in the appearance of your body and how it is perceived.

Our Comprehensive Evaluation will help you understand your options and what is involved. Surgery, nutrient therapy, prescriptive products, Energy Therapy, Counseling, or Traditional Chinese Medicine may all be a part of your journey with SYA.

SY Aesthetics Plastic Surgery & Non-Surgical Body Treatments

Surgical Services

Non-Surgical Services

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Breast Plastic Surgery & Non-Surgical Breast Therapies

When approaching the breast, the most important parameters are size, shape, and symmetry. Given the societal implications of this part of the anatomy, it is important to consider the motivations for seeking this change, the emotional and relationship status of the patient, as well as hormonal age and future pregnancy plans if any.
Our multidisciplinary team will do a complete evaluation to enhance your chances of achieving your goals of beauty, as well as health and happiness. It is often not as simple as the physical appearance of the breast.
SY Aesthetics Breast Plastic Surgery & Non-Surgical Breast Therapies

Surgical Services

Non-Surgical Services

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Integrative Treatment

Our internationally renowned team consists of not only the finest Plastic Surgeons, but Cosmetic and Integrative Medicine Specialists, Skincare Experts, Traditional Chinese Medicine Providers, Nutritionists, and Energy and Spiritual Healers. This unique combination of experts enables us to treat all dimensions of beauty in a holistic way.
SY Aesthetics Integrative Treatment

Non-Surgical Body Services

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